Uruguay : August 20 + 21

20. August

Colonia, Uruguay (The one for Stefan)


We know our time would be short, but we had heard such pleasant things about this coastal part of Uruguay, that we figured we could at least go to have a short look.


We arrived in the lovely town of Colonia. a short ferry ride from Buenos Aires. It is cold but very sunny which made for a spectacular sunset over the Rio de la Plata. We learned that there is no central heating here. When we returned to our hostel for the evening, we were promptly handed a few extra blankets that came in very handy.


As for food and spirits, this one is for Stefan...


I am sure people eat in their cars all the time, but somehow are lunch spot today was a little bit different. A few Patricia beers and a piccada (a hearty plate of foods that you can "pick" at) later, we were ready to stretch our legs.

21. August



Early this morning we took the bus from Colonia to Montevideo, in the hope that we could squeeze a bit out of one short day in the country's capital. We walked through the city, chilled a bit by the winter weather and made it to the water's edge where we entertained ourselves watching the freight ships come in and out of the harbour. Sadly, we had arrived on a Tuesday, the night that all bars were closed in order to rest from the weekend's activities. We did find one open bar that supplied great pizza, even better beers and good tunes...and our waitress was kind of cute too. All in all, we were totally content.

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