Chile : October 20 - 24

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21. October

20 hour bus ride from San Pedro to Santiago


Our last chance to do the Supercama - full extended bed. However, language misunderstandings came into play during our ticket purchasing and though I even pointed to the picture, our seats were not as expected. But they were better.


We had the two front row seats on the second story, which meant we had the whole front window and a chance to watch the whole world go by.

We left San Pedro at around 5pm and would arrive the next day in a completely different part of the country. The view proved to be not so exciting, as the stretch south was mostly dry desert and more dry desert, with internittent patches of lush greenery. We entertained ourselves with the dog game, the ipod patches of restful sleep and street entertainment...

22. October

Valparaiso, Chile


A quick decision to get off the bus before it headed to Santiago, meant that we would take a short cut to Valparaiso, the coastal town that would be our destination for the night. Our bus driver suggested we would be able to get a local bus to the coast, if we just waited at the stop across the street. A kind gentleman let us know after a bot of a wait that we actually needed to take a bus into the next town and then catch a bus to Valpo. Always, the kindness of strangers...


On the local bus we got to watch "Dodge Ball" en english needed to understand this really bad movie. And outside the sun shown for the first time and guided us to the coast. We arrived in Valpo, climbed the hill to our reserved room. It was expensive and not so sweet, so we just went for a walk and found a delightful renovated space called Casa Latina. White sheets, night stand lamps and a down comorter. It was a dream...

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24. October

A day in Santiago de Chile


A 360 degree view of the city

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