Welcoming 14 new babies!

It started with a phone call a few days before we left for Mexico. "Alex, when you get back, I will have someone new to introduce you to!"


And so began the emails and announcements that our community was literally growing while we were away...

And in fact we're missing a few! But we're up to 14 and here they are:


september 14th

caden luke garrison

julianne & dylan garrison

we were in: eastern ecuador


november 12th at 5 am

serisa rose

heather & josh deford

we were in: new zealand


december 16th

niko takeshi nachbar

monica & erich nachbar

we were in: australia


december 17th at 10:56 am

clara sinead hildreth

carrie & brian hildreth

we were in: australia


january 14th at 6:06 am

dorothy mae mortimore

mara murphy & chuck mortimore

we were in: kuala lumpur, malaysia


january 26th at 12:47 am                      

charles bruce knickerbocker 

kate & aron knickerbocker

we were in: the islands of thailand


january 26th

sasha joelle lewandowski

karen & aron lewandowski

we were in: the islands of thailand


february 7th at 12:45 pm                       

isabella raven baum

barbara baum

we were in: a silent retreat in thailand


february 11th at 23:47pm

anton sjoberg

betza camacho & magnus sjoberg

we were in: northern thailand


february 15th

pete harris frederiksen

stacey & paul frederiksen

we were in: northern thailand


february 15th

sebastian daniel riley

leslie carrero & shaun riley

we were in: northern thailand


april 2nd at 12:20am in japan

eison elliot cunningham

chie & gatson cunningham

we were in: vietnam


april 21st at 6:26pm

henry walden reynolds

jennifer burk & jonathan reynolds

we were on: boracay island


And deserving a special mention (even if we were already home):


may 22nd at 11:25pm

Liam Alexander Wright

Susanne & Thomas Wright

we were in: Back Home in SF